We can provide you with executive Air Charter service both through our on-site fleet of aircraft (Operated by Gran Aire, Inc.), and through a network of other well-respected and safety-conscious air charter providers, ensuring we can always meet your needs, whether your next trip is a short hop across Lake Michigan, or a multi-day jet trip to the West Coast. 

If you would like to explore Air Charter as an option for your next trip, please give us a call at 414-461-3222, or use the Quote Request form on this website. 

All of the charter airplanes are pressurized, air conditioned and feature club seating (passengers face each other) for maximum comfort and convenience.

With two Cessna 414A aircraft for scheduling flexibility, you can travel to many destinations at your leisure; the 414s are most comfortable for up to 4 or 5 passengers on flights within the Midwest. For your reference, a flight from Milwaukee to Grand Rapids, MI in a 414 usually takes about 45 minutes, and a trip to from Milwaukee to Minneapolis might take about 2 hours.





The Beech King Air 200 can accommodate up to 9 passengers in comfort at over 300 miles per hour. For your reference, a flight from Milwaukee to Minneapolis in the King Air 200 might take approximately an hour and 15 minutes.